Whether swarming your roof, wall, chimney or tree... Or just the very common problem of not knowing what to do next... take Action.

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A Do-It-Yourself bee removal project at home or at work can be frustrating by poor execution, while
the right kind of “action” is productive and cost effective. From start to finish let Action Bee Removal get rid
of your bees. Experience has taught us how. Home & Business owners swear by us.

Why? They swear by us for two important reasons. First, we’re big enough for most structural jobs,
yet small enough to provide the quick turn-around service so many property owners require these days.
Second, because we combine a quality service with competitive prices. Call and book us right away to
assess your situation. You’ll find out why so many property owners swear by us—not at us.


Here's what we can do for you and the whole ball of wax... 

Swarm Capture Removals

We can do live removals if a swarm has landed onto a tree or lodged itself inside a utility box, trash can, birdhouse, shed floor, wall or roof, and relocate them for safekeeping.

get rid of bees, wasps, & hornets

Rid Your Home of Bees, Wasps,
and Hornets

Like any other flying insect that stings, it's best to identify it in order to effectively get rid of it. We can safely remove bee, wasp, or hornet nests that attach in all the wrong places.

Structural Honeycomb
Removal + Repairs

A hive can nest in a structure for a long time before you see signs of trouble. So whatever crack, crevice, vent, or hole, they're flying into we can get all the honeycombs out and do all the repairs—same day. Or the repairs are on us.

honeycomb removal

Full Exclusion Bee Proofing Solutions

Sealing the "envelope" or "shell" of your home or office building—it's outer walls, flashing, vents, et cetera—is often the most cost effective way to keep future honeybees at bay.

Free Bee Audit And Same
Day Service

Upon inspection our fees are tailored to the complexity of the job at hand. We believe everyone is entitled to the best price we can
offer—upfront—before we kick start the removal process.

honeybee inspector

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Above all else, great service is everything. Our company is not only known for fast and friendly customer service, but we work daily to make sure we live up to that reputation.

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