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The entire BEE AUDIT is a rapid check up—a thorough inspection—that’s focused completely on you and your situation.

From the ground up, no matter how drastic the problem appears the solution to the problem is usually stunningly simple after doing a little "bee detective" work.

Whatever the bees are flying into... whatever pressing problem or situation is holding you back, or causing you trouble, will be deconstructed—figured out—solved and delivered to you in an easily implemented plan (that you can put into Action immediately).  

Whether a hard-to-reach wasp nest—or an Africanized Bee Colony—there won’t be any guessing, or experimenting, about what to do next or how much it will cost.

You'll receive...

What is a Bee Audit?

  • Specific recommendations that help you see the pitfalls, dangers, and wrong turns you haven’t even encountered yet.
  • Clear advice on what to do next, while clearly mapping out a simple plan of action to skip all the bad stuff and how to get your home, or office, back to normal again… safeguarded in record time.

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  • In short, tips on keeping your home sting-free that you may never otherwise even know about…

And last, but by no means least: Action Bee Experts are far more than mere bee-men. They are specialists, with scientific training and 17 combined years of experience back of them. 

They have a professional attitude toward their work. You can also enjoy the confidence, and peace of mind, knowing you are working with seasoned pros… 

... and not rolling the dice with unqualified 'bee-enthusiasts' with zero track record.

Unfortunately, some people have learned the hard way how costly it can be to end up with an 'enthusiast' who talks a good game, but can’t follow through with good work. This kind of disconnect between promises-and-performance can put you, your family, co-workers and neighbors at risk… not to mention creating for you an even worse problem than what you started off with.

Bottom line is you can rely on Action Bee Removal to do the job right the first time.

Upon inspection, their fees are tailored to the complexity of the job at hand. They believe everyone is entitled to the best price they can offer—upfront—before kick starting the removal process.

Send for an Action Bee Removal representative to make a careful examination of your bees without obligation.

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Simply fill out the form below & an Action Bee representative will work with you to make sure you're taken care of. Fields marked with an (*) are required.

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